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Health and Safety

The club is very conscious of the health and safety of the public, visitors to the club and of club members. As many places where models can be enjoyed have wildlife, the club is conscious of the need to treat the wildlife and ambient with respect.

To this end, the club has rules and procedures in place to ensure that putting your model into practice is both enjoyable and as safe as possible. Below is a short list of the salient points.

Frequency Control
Members are urged to refer to the officially allowed frequency list page, and use only the allowed frequencies as illustrated in this document. This must be done before switching on a transmitter.

Pre-built/Ready-to-use Models ("from-the-box")
Due to the fact that these pre-built models use undetermined radio frequency channels, it is very important that these models are pre-tested and the frequency identified, to prevent radio interference to those using known frequency channels. The major reason for this, is that, if a modeller loses control of a fast-electric or an I/C powered model, it would be a safety hazard to other users and members of the public.

Pyrotechnic Displays

Important Safety Notice
During pyrotechnic displays, only the transmitters of the models participating in the display are to be switched on, all other transmitters are to be switched off. An announcement is generally made when this is to take place.

Notice to the Public During Pyrotechnic Displays
During pyrotechnic displays, loud explosions, smoke and bright flashes of light are generated. Therefore the public are warned that small children and animals may be alarmed, nay scared, during such displays. (Although, elder children and adults delight in the displays.)

Practicing of R/C Models
At all times, the practice of R/C models must be done with responsibility and respect for other users and the public. Fast electric and I/C are strongly advised to perform well away from the scale models using the area.

Steam Powered Models
Steam powered models must have a valid boiler safety certificate.

I/C Powered Models
Any i/c powered model must be fitted with an "oil trap" on it's exhaust system.

Wildlife must be treated with respect at all times, remember the ambient around us is their home. No "baiting" of wildlife will be tolerated. Anyone guilty of this will be immediately reported to the authorities.


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